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About Your Dentist Near Hartford

Rocky Hill Dental Team

A Unique and Comprehensive Diagnostic Perspective

We look at the big picture when it comes to planning your treatment with you; after all, you are a whole person! We don’t just fix isolated problems and then move on. Instead, we examine the whole mouth and all other factors that could have caused its condition in the first place. To ensure a long-term dental solution, we explore and plan, resulting in more successful outcomes.

You Deserve the Best Modern Dentistry Out There

One of our largest passions is providing excellence in all facets of dentistry to our patients. When it comes to the quality of our dentistry, we never compromise and always take the steps to deliver high-quality care. 

We Give You the Time You Need to Address Oral Health

The best way to nurture the seeds of a healthy relationship is through time, trust and empathy. When you visit, you can count on us to listen to your concerns with great detail and design your initial visits in a way that shows we care about devoting time to learn about you. It is incredibly important to us to be able to hear from you.

You are the Decider of Your Care

When given the tools, information and opportunity, you’re more than capable of making the best decisions for yourself when it comes to care. Keep in mind that both your understanding of your dental health and your overall health goals will dominate all discussions and plans for you at our office. Through your own choices and actions, you’ll feel empowered to impact your own dental health when you visit.

You Will Be Guaranteed a Well-Trained and Dedicated Team

As you get to know Dr. Michalski and his hygienists, you’ll find out that they have exceeded well beyond the State of Connecticut’s continuing education requirements in advanced techniques, sterilization and HIPPA/OSHA compliance. We’ve also made sure our administrative staff has been trained in all aspects of our procedures, going well above the minimum. This makes our team more than capable of discussing treatment benefits and processes, all while helping patients feel informed and comfortable. Having a team that is well qualified and trained in the aspects of the procedures we provide is sure to make your visit even more beneficial.

We’re Not Happy Until You’re Happy

We are always proud of the services we deliver and know that all patients expect a high level of integrity when they visit. When you have a dentist near Hartford that cares about exceptionally well-executed dentistry, it can stand the test of time, look incredible and function for years without worry.