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Full Mouth Reconstruction

For many of us, busy schedules, fear, anxiety, or even not knowing how to choose a good dentist can result in not seeking the dental care we need for many years. Sometimes we think if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t need treatment. Whatever the circumstances that have kept you from seeing a dentist or however extensive your dental issues, we offer the treatments you need to obtain a healthy and beautiful smile, including full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction requires the dentist to be trained in every aspect of dentistry. He or she must understand the importance of proper bite and jaw function, have extensive knowledge of dental materials, have the experience needed to perform all available treatment options, and understand periodontal health. The dentist must be able to combine all of these tools with artistry and personalized care to help you obtain a beautiful and functional smile. Dr. Michalski has this skill and experience and can help restore your smile for a long-lasting and healthy result.