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General & Restorative Dentistry in Rocky Hill

General and restorative dentistry involves maintaining and repairing teeth for improved oral health and wellness. Many people don't realize that the condition of their mouth corresponds to their overall health. In fact, studies show that people with a full set of teeth live longer than those who have missing teeth. Dr. Michalski takes a holistic approach to dentistry, ensuring your smile's longevity and improving your quality of life.

As a general dentist, Dr. Michalski performs a wide range of services, including tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, and root canals. We practice green dentistry, which emphasizes safe, high-quality dental materials. If you'd like your old, silver fillings or crowns replaced, we can provide you with modern alternatives. Dr. Michalski and our team are happy to consult with you on the best options for your smile.